AgGPS EZ-Guide 500 Lightbar: Importing AB Lines  (4 KB)How do I import AB Lines to the EZ-Guide 500 lightbar: from an EZ-Guide Plus lightbar? from an AgGPS 170 Field Computer?
AgGPS EZ-Guide 500 Lightbar: Available Languages  (3 KB)What languages are available for the EZ-Guide 500 lightbar?
AgGPS EZ-Guide 500 Lightbar: Saving an EZ-Steer Configuration File  (3 KB)How do I save an EZ-Steer configuration file to the USB drive in the EZ-Guide 500 lightbar?
AgGPS Autopilot Automated Steering System and AgGPS EZ-Steer Assisted Steering System: Fast Restart Technology  (9 KB)What is fast restart technology, and how does it work with my AgGPS Autopilot or EZ-Steer system?
AgGPS EZ-Guide 500 Lightbar: Name Creation Utility  (4 KB)When I use the name creation utility on the computer, the EZ-Guide 500 lightbar does not recognize the names. What do I do?
AgGPS FmX Integrated Display or EZ-Guide 500 Lightbar Communications Issue with NavController II  (39 KB)
AgGPS EZ-Guide 500 Lightbar: Storage Capacity  (3 KB)Answers the question "What is the storage capacity of the EZ-Guide 500 lightbar?"
EZ-Guide 500 Lightbar: Connecting a Coverage Switch  (269 KB)
AgGPS 252/332 GPS Receiver and EZ-Guide 500 Lighbar: Omnistar Reactivation After Firmware Upgrade  (127 KB)OmniSTAR corrections are not available after upgrading firmware.
  (125 KB)
EZ-Steer 500 System: Using Demo Mode  (207 KB)
EZ-Guide 500 and EZ-Guide 250 Lightbar Guidance Systems: Supported Memory Drives  (3 KB)The only USB memory drive officially supported by the EZ-Guide 500 and the EZ-Guide 250 lightbar guidance systems is the Lexar FireFly, 1 gigabyte drive (P/N 64268-00).
EZ-Guide 500 Lightbar: Reboot Caused by Valve Latency Settings for the AgGPS EZ Boom system  (100 KB)
SprtFAQ - OmniSTAR-Corrections  (359 KB)
EZ-Guide 250 & 500 Lightbar Guidance Systems - USB Compatibility  (123 KB)
AgGPS EZ-Steer Assisted Steering System: Fault Codes  (5 KB)Cause information for fault codes
  (1074 KB)
AgGPS EZ-Guide 500 Lightbar: Connecting to a Raven Controller  (4 KB)Is there a speed cable to connect the EZ-Guide 500 lightbar to a Raven SCS660 controller?
EZ-Guide 500 Lightbar: Version 4.00 Troubleshooting Guide  (57 KB)
EZ-Guide 500 Cabling Guide (Version 5.10)  (9056 KB)
Customer FAQs - EZ-Guide 500 Slow Position Rate  (452 KB)